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Build Your Future Through Real Estate Investments

Buying and selling real estate has always been a path to building wealth. DiPetrillo Properties is your ally and guide when it comes to real estate investments. We’l work with you to create uniquely designed property investment products that provide more profitable returns than traditional investments. We have many relationships with bankers, real estate brokers, and professionals to assist us when needed.

We’ll prepare an appraisal analysis for the investment that will determine the most reasonable purchase price and the most reliable sale price with our very own investment formula worksheet.

You’ll benefit from our expertise with the most profitable types of residential and commercial real estate opportunities.

  • Short sales
  • Foreclosures
  • Rehab flips
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To Build Great Success, There are Two Types of Investments

We will provide the investor with two of our most successful methods to build a great portfolio and we will demonstrate with charts and reports at our consultation how we help you turn real estate into profit.

Short-Term Return – “The Partnership Flip”

We have a unique short-term product designed by us for the busy investor. This would be for the one that is looking for a quick return, which is greater than a typical 14% in the construction loan industry. Our program allows the investor to be more than just a bank, but to share the investment return. The in-house illustrations will demonstrate a 50% return on the project, with no risk. This method shows that your invested amount has a return of 36% more by our product portfolio recipe!

Long-Term Return – “Growing Your Real Estate Portfolio

Our long-term products are on a case-by-case basis with a formula that we use tailored and design modified for the personality of the investor. We will work with you whether you are seeking a commercial, multi-family, or other style investment. Let us design build your business. Our in-house talents and control construction cost will allow us to assist you in maximizing your return and meeting your goal. We can also facilitate the plan that we create together by managing your investment at the end. We never leave your side.

We provide a variety of investment services.

  • Concept investment design
  • Turnkey business sales and purchasing
  • Real estate investment scouting and reviews
  • Cost analysis — purchase and construction vs. profit and return

Bank Property Asset Protection

We have worked with many banks, lenders, and foreclosure agents. We access the damage situation, determine the return on the market, and provide a scope of work that will maximize a return rather than a loss.

To learn more about investing in real estate with DiPetrillo Properties, call today for a free half-hour consultation or use our online form.


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