We’ve Got All Your Renovation Needs Covered

residential renovation

From commerical building projects to residential renovation and property investment projects,we're the business you can trust to get your projects done on time and right, the first time. DiPetrillo Properties, established in 1999, began by servicing the local geographical region of northern Rhode Island. Today, DiPetrillo Properties has grown — with a largely owned real estate portfolio in various…

Hire A Claims Evaluator

claims evaluator

Is your insurance company's offer less than you need to cover your losses? Maybe it's time to get your own evaluation? Did you know there is someone out there that can help you with the confusing claims documentation and get you the money you deserve? This is a niche specialty and there aren't many people that can navigate the language…

DiPetrillo Properties Plans for COVID


Interview with Diane Sherman, Operations for DiPetrillo Properties Here we are getting ready for a global pandemic...COVID. More and more local companies are stepping up to the table to assist and protect their very own Rhode Island community consisting of friends, family and neighbors. DiPetrillo Properties is one of those organizations. As a native to Rhode Island, DiPetrillo Properties is…


building a home

BUILDING A NEW HOME? NEED SOME GUIDANCE? WE'RE HERE. This is the one you have been waiting for, right? Where do you begin? You’re right in asking this question because if you have not done this before…there is so much that takes place from concept to completion. Scary, huh? – it doesn’t have to be if you have a knowledgeable…

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