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claims evaluator

Is your insurance company’s offer less than you need to cover your losses? Maybe it’s time to get your own evaluation?

Did you know there is someone out there that can help you with the confusing claims documentation and get you the money you deserve? This is a niche specialty and there aren’t many people that can navigate the language and fight for you. The job requires unique qualifications and an acute attention to detail. The itemized forms require a breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise and the price breakdown language is often overwhelming to not just property owners, but also to most contractors and professionals in the construction industry! Just take a look at the example below!

Why You Need a Claims Evaluator

When you begin making your insurance claims, the process seems simple enough. You call your insurance company and they send an adjuster out to take an inventory of the loss. After that, you receive a detailed report from the insurance company outlining the work that needs to be done, and what they say it should cost. This is the moment when you decide you want to negotiate the amount offered to you or if you just want to move forward and sign it. It is at this time you should contact someone to look over the report: a neutral claims evaluator. This is where claims evaluators step in. They can assess whether or not you are potentially entitled to more than your insurance company is offering.

An experienced claims evaluator will understand your contract and the company’s responsibilities right down too the fine print. They will work to get you the money you truly need, not just what the insurance company says you should get. Plus, it usually only costs you a small percentage of the EXTRA money they are able to negotiate on your behalf.

What a Claims Evaluator Can Do For You

For example, a claim payout by your insurance company is OFFERED (not settled and agreed to by you at this point or signed off on it any way) in the amount of $50,000.00. A claims evaluator is requested to review the claim by you. The claims evaluator finds that they can raise your claim offer of settlement to $65,000.00, which could be by way of error by the adjuster or inaccurate data input. From there, the claims evaluator is paid a percentage of the raised portion.

Utilizing a private evaluator ensures that someone is working on your behalf versus someone working on behalf of the insurance company.

“Is your insurance company’s offer less than you need to cover your losses? Maybe it’s time to get your own evaluation?”

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