DiPetrillo Properties Plans for COVID


Interview with Diane Sherman, Operations for DiPetrillo Properties

Here we are getting ready for a global pandemic…COVID. More and more local companies are stepping up to the table to assist and protect their very own Rhode Island community consisting of friends, family and neighbors. DiPetrillo Properties is one of those organizations. As a native to Rhode Island, DiPetrillo Properties is a well-known real estate business established in 1999. DiPetrillo Properties Owner, Craig J. DiPetrillo, has called upon several of his colleagues, CPA firms, bankers, and other developers, and pleaded, “We need to be ready to place a roof over their heads!” Craig DiPetrillo was referring to those people who are unemployed now due to the lingering COVID illness within Rhode Island. “This state has been there for me and our family, and now it is time to give back, even if it costs us money we have no choice other than to do the right thing”, said Craig at a recent conference call with local banking institutions.  

Though Craig does continue by saying, “I am not sure what it is that we can do in such a short time alone, but we need to prepare to receive the new economic landscape that is going to be dropped off at our front door. This is not something that we can fix by doing typical negotiations with it [COVID] will expect us to know how to react. We need to predict only based on what has transpired in the last two weeks and will tell us where we are going. The work from home, online schooling for both college and elementary, social distancing is what will structure society moving forward. We have no choice to not only accept and adapt but to be ready to move forward. These facts are all we have to plan the future. This is reality. We are not only making history, but we are living history forward”, claims Craig. 

As an entrepreneur of business developments and investments, Craig is a visionary of planning and forecasting development timelines and results. Craig DiPetrillo & DiPetrillo Properties’ mission statement from day 1 has always been the same and will continue its path of excellence into the future.

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